Now you have your beautiful pool to enjoy... and maintaining it can be a breeze! In our Pool Care Center, we carry a full line of pool chemicals, maintenance supplies, and automatic cleaning systems, perfect for any pool type.


Learn about our complete line of pool chemicals...
ask us to help you decide which chemical line is best for you!



We offer the in-floor automatic cleaning system by Paramount. This revolutionary in-floor system evenly distributes chemicals, water, and heat... Find out how your pool can take care of itself.


We also carry Polaris "powerful pool cleaning technology" - automatic pool cleaning systems.


Jandy pool equipment is technologically advanced, reliable and efficient, attractive and quiet, and environment friendly.

The Jandy family is everything you want in pool and spa equipment,

including heaters, valves, filters, pumps, and automatic control systems.


Control your pool and spa from wherever you are

using either Jandy AquaLink RS Remote Control System or iAqualink

for intelligent pool control from your smart phone, tablet or web device.

Or, if you prefer, our Service to Meet Your Needs program brings pool care right to your door.

Ask about our W.O.W. Water on Wheels Monthly Service program.


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